Why You Should Make Use of Drip Email Marketing Today

Drip emails, also known as autoresponders, are automated mass emails sent to contacts based on a set of rules. These rules determine when and which contacts will receive the email by analyzing actions they have taken on your site or other sites or other criteria. 

One trigger could be crossing a tenure threshold: they could become long-term customers or click a link that adds them to a specific list. 

Think of these as email marketing on autopilot. You don’t need to do manual labor anymore since they allow you to connect with contacts in a timely and relevant manner because they work on an electronic schedule. 

The emails are more tailored and timely than general emails, and they outperform general emails in all aspects. Drip campaigns have a higher open rate (about 80 percent more) than general emails and a higher click-through rate (usually three times higher).

Any digital marketing company worth their weight in salt should be getting you hooked on drip campaigns. Why?

They Create a Marketing Funnel

Potential customers often come to your business with questions about what you do and what you have to offer. It’s important to address those questions and objections so that the prospect can better understand the value your business can provide. A drip email campaign set up by you or a digital marketing company allows you to spread out the communication over multiple emails, which is similar to a conversation that would happen in real life.

They Increase Brand Awareness

Highly relevant emails keep your brand top of mind when you have something of interest to offer. So when a customer is ready for products and services you offer, you’ll be at the top of their mind, which means they’ll purchase your product or service from you. It’s also highly likely they’ll recommend you to people in their network when they recognize a need that your business could solve.

Autoresponders also empower your business to foster relationships with your prospects as soon as possible. This, in turn, nurtures those relationships and establishes trust with your customers, which leads to a higher conversion rate when people are ready to make a purchase.

They Increase Customer Engagement

These email campaigns let you engage your prospects and customers more efficiently. You can set up an email to send out on a specific action, such as after a customer has made a purchase or at a specific time to new clients. 

For example, you can set up an email that comes out after they have purchased a product to show them how to use it to its maximum potential. Or, your digital marketing company can set up an email that goes out after they sign up for your list, giving them content that can help them start taking advantage of all you have to offer.

They Promote Relevant Content

When you know where your contact fits into your sales cycle, you can develop content tailored to that stage in the process.

For prospects, send out emails with content about common topics.

For customers, develop a series of emails that show how other customers are using a product or service—and encourage them to do the same.

You can also send content about a product or service that a customer has already purchased on a drip schedule to expose them to other products and services.

Start Using Drip Email Marketing Today

An email follow-up campaign is a great way to remind customers you’re always there for them, be it for a product query or purchase. As mentioned above, these are beneficial to any business marketing strategy because they can increase sales and leave long-lasting goodwill on your leads and clients.

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