Why an Email Drip Campaign Is What Your Business Needs Right Now

Who wouldn’t like the idea of being able to turn leads into actual sales automatically? Wouldn’t it be nice if all the recipients of your emails are potential leads that would be loyal customers? You might think these can all just be wishful thinking but what if we tell you that these are possible with drip email marketing?

Interested? In this post, Varemar, experts in digital marketing in NJ, tells you why rip campaigns may just be the time saving strategy that your business needs right now:

What Is Drip Email Marketing?

Drip email marketing or simply drip email campaigns automates both marketing and sales processes and ensures that leads are converted into customers. While this type of campaign takes time and effort to completely set up, it does the job well once it’s up and running.

The Basics of Email Marketing

There are two major categories of email marketing: email blasts and drip email campaigns.

Email blasts are sent to different sections in a mailing list as a standalone message. They often contain some general info plus a strong call to action. You can say that this type of email is generic and not in any way personalized. They’re easy to make and send which is why many businesses use them.

Drip email marketing campaigns on the other hand are personalized messages that are sent over a set period of time like a series. A drip campaign makes use of targeted email lists and the content is tailored to the specific interest of a group of customers or prospective clients. Once that’s configured, drip email marketing can automatically send emails to groups of contacts based on your set criteria.

How Drip Email Campaigns Work

Drink email marketing campaigns send content based on certain criteria or parameters, including action or time. For instance, if your business participates in a local expo and you were able to get the email addresses of the people who have bought from your store. You might want to add them to your prospecting list but not send them the same email that you are sending people who aren’t your customers yet.

Instead, you can send them a drip email that is time-based – one for a day after the expo, the second one after a week, and the last the week after that.

Why You Should Consider Using Drip Email Campaigns

One of the best reasons to try a drip-email campaign is simply that they’re effective. People who receive personalized emails are more likely to open the links contained in the emails. You can get a huge increase in click rates from drip emails sent. It’s also time-saving as you can simply automate the whole thing.

You can use drip campaigns as a welcome campaign to introduce new prospects to your business. It could also be used as an onboarding campaign or serve as useful resources for new clients. You can also use drip emails for top-of-mind campaigns so you can regularly engage prospects who aren’t ready to make purchases just yet.


If you still haven’t tried drip email campaigns, they may be the very thing that could help you not only boost click rates but also help you establish relationships with customers. They could help you promote any relevant content minus too much effort and even help you create an effective lead-nurturing funnel.

That said, not many business owners know how to launch a drip email campaign. You would need the help of a reputable professional who provides services in digital marketing in NJ so you can start your campaign at once.

Varemar is a reliable digital marketing company in NJ that can help you make the most of a drip-email campaign and other digital marketing strategies. Call our team today and let’s start planning your campaign!