Why a DIY Website Builder Is Not for You

If you are a small business owner, you’re probably contemplating whether or not you should invest in professional web design services, mainly because you see ads of DIY website builders, and they do seem promising. All of these website builders claim that their platform will make it a breeze for anyone to create their own websites. While that may be true, they don’t really talk about the reasons it may not be the right fit for business owners. 

As a website design company in New Jersey, we get clients who have tried the DIY approach and have been frustrated because the platforms did not deliver their expectations. Before you invest your time and money on such DIY web-building platforms, you should first know why they are not the perfect choice for business websites:

You Won’t Get a Unique Website

As you know, today’s consumers love aesthetics. They will always go for businesses with professional-looking websites and not ones that look like a thousand others. Yes, if you have ever tried creating a website using these platforms, you know that they make you choose from design templates. Just from that, you can already tell that you’re not getting a unique website. The likelihood of having a direct competition having the exact same design is there, too. So, if you intend to stand out, DIY platforms are not the way to go. 

You’re Likely to Experience Poor Site Management

When you go with a DIY website builder, you’ll be one of the hundreds of thousands of websites that are sharing the same server. Every website builder has one, but because countless users are on the servers of these DIY platforms, you would be like a grain of sand on the beach. You can expect a slow loading time and forget about your SEO rankings. On the contrary, a professionally built website ensures that your site is managed well, and the number of websites sharing a server is limited so you get a website that loads fast and is a strong contender SEO-wise.

You’re Not Really Saving Money

Many business owners make the mistake of choosing DIY website builders because they believe that they’ll be saving a lot of money if they do. What they fail to realize is that a website is more than just pages with texts and images. 

It is true that in the beginning, you’d be shelling out more for a professionally-built website but considering the return on investment of that, what you pay for is abysmal. Most DIY website builders do offer some free packages, but they’re often too limited that you end up upgrading anyway. But considering that they can hardly do anything for your business, it’s actually a waste of money. 

You Won’t Truly Own Your Website

When you DIY a website, you may not be aware that you’re giving them the rights to your website. If the platform gets bankrupt or simply chooses to shut down in the future, all the effort and money you have put into your website will all be for nothing. 

You won’t have to worry about this if you choose to have a website professionally built. Even if the developer stops working, they can transfer your website and your users to a new developer, and you won’t lose anything your website has achieved so far. 


These are just some reasons you should think twice before investing in a DIY website builder. If you are serious about growing your business, you know you have to invest in a professionally built website that can take your brand to new heights. Consumers are more intelligent these days. Search engines are getting stricter, too. So if you want your pages to rank and your website to get more traffic, have one made by a professional web design company in NJ. 

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