Web Design, Web Development, and How They Work Together

In creating a new website, there are two terms you will encounter: web design and web development. They may seem interchangeable, but these terms are quite different. If you are able to ensure that web design and web development work well together, you’ll have an impressive website.

Learn more about web design, web development, and their relationship by reading more.

What Is Web Design?

Web design, also known as web page design, involves creating an attractive website that will be used to attract visitors. If you need to be able to create a more effortless shopping experience for customers, or you are looking to create a better user experience, web design can assist you.

What Is Web Development?

Web development is the process of programming a website. It is similar to web design, except it requires more technical abilities. This process takes into account things like:

  • How users will access the site
  • The user experience
  • The tools that will be used to create the site

This process occurs after web design is complete and is a critical part of the website-building process.

How Is Web Design Different from Web Development?

Although web design and web development are related and are both a part of every successful website, they are not the same thing. Here are some of the ways they differ:

1. Aesthetics vs. Logistics

Web design is more about creating an attractive site that will please site visitors, while web development is more about ensuring the site will be easy to use for the visitors, handle the workload, and achieve the business’s goals.

2. Spotlight vs. Behind the Scenes

Web design is more about showmanship, while web development ensures everything works properly behind the scenes. Still, web design must work well with programming, so it is a good idea to work with a professional web developer to make sure they are compatible.

3. Software and Coding Language

Web design is accomplished through the use of software, while web development requires coding language. There are several elements of the site that must be created, such as content and graphics, and there are several elements that require programming.

How Do Web Design and Web Development Work Together?

A good website design can attract people to a site, but functionality is also important. If your site is easy to use, people will be more likely to use it. Good web design and web development go hand in hand, so you should always make sure the designer you hire will be able to work with a developer.

In addition to ensuring the developer you hire is skilled and up to the task, you should also make sure that the two parties communicate. Most designers will have suggestions for developers and they will want to ensure they are not just altering the design to their own ends. In turn, developers will want to make sure they are following the wishes of the designer.

If you want to ensure a successful website, you need to hire a design and development team that work well together.

Final Thoughts 

When creating a website, the process is not complete until you have both the design and programming. Both are critical, and you should work together to ensure web design and web development are compatible.

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