All the Ways You Can Expand Your Content

It is one of the most effective methods for moving prospects through your marketing funnel and converting their curiosity into sales or conversions. Your blog, landing sites, social media, and email marketing can all benefit from content production.

Keyword research, however, is not the only approach to producing article ideas. Fortunately for you, we are here to discuss all the different methods for creating engaging content for marketing platforms. Read on to learn more.

Publish Articles on Any Related Products or Services

Create content for complementary, non-competitive goods and services to reach new customers. This can enhance your brand’s visibility to relevant audiences while also providing potential for backlinks, especially if you create well-researched, quality content that combines your product or service as a solution to a consumer problem.

Take Notes from Your Competitors and Industry Leaders

Determine what your competitors are writing about and offer your own experience and insight. Your competitors will create material that is similar to yours.

Plagiarism may be harmful not only to your SEO but also to your credibility. As such, simply take notes from your competition to formulate new ideas for audience-relevant content.

Other thought-provoking questions include:

  • What kind of content do competitors produce? Are they composing articles, lists, assessments, or case studies?
  • Have they looked at something you hadn’t before?
  • Examine their FAQs and comments. Examine them if your competitors have them to see what subjects or queries are popular and whether you can cover them.

Aside from rivalry, industry leaders often have a better awareness of industry trends. You can set a standard for content quality and breadth in order to outperform your competitors in terms of value and thought leadership.

Explore Other Story Angles

Storytelling may help your brand stand out by conveying experiences that appeal to an audience. It may help you create a long-term relationship with your audience, especially if you focus on their pain areas and issues.

When telling your story, utilize language that your audience will understand and avoid overselling. Establish an emotional and personal rapport with them by being sincere.

If you’re having problems presenting your brand’s story, use consumer comments, reviews, and testimonials. If you don’t have a compelling personal narrative to share, do an interview with someone who does.

Discuss Relevant Technological Advancements

Technology is a popular topic since it is always growing and becoming more widespread. Because digital trends come and go, it’s important to know when to create valuable content in order to capitalize on the highest search demand.

Think about how technological advances might affect your products, services, and industry. Given the current discussion about how the metaverse will alter video games, gaming brands should provide content on the subject.

Make the Most Out of Forums to Engage in New Content Creation

Online forums can be quite useful for understanding your target audience’s interests and staying up to date on the “buzz.” For the bulk of topics, Reddit and Quora are useful, but you should go where your audience is.

If video gamers are your target audience, look into Steam and Facebook interest groups.


Finding relevant subjects for content marketing is simple if you know where to look and can create content that is appealing to your target audience. Begin moving with these recommendations!

Creating content for the sake of creating content will not help you accomplish your content marketing goals. You will then understand how to organize your content in order to achieve your goals.
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