Unsure How to Handle Negative Reviews: Here Are Some Tips!

Who likes negative reviews? Nobody, especially when they are being read by other people. People often react defensively when they see one. They will attempt to avoid the situation or to explain themselves. This is a natural reaction. Some people in the corporate world feel the same way about negative reviews, but that is the wrong way to go about treating them like most customers treat their critical feedback.

All online customer reviews are important for the success of a company, according to “Customer Journey Study 2021,” published by GetApp, because they come at a critical time during the information phase of a person’s journey towards becoming a customer! Positive and negative reviews serve as equal opportunities for companies to learn from and get better.

It is completely normal for people to be skeptical of a product. Top ratings are subject to a certain amount of skepticism. It is completely understandable that consumers would have doubts when they see a product that is objectively perfect. However, negative ratings can scare customers away. Nevertheless, negative reviews should be viewed differently.

Negative Reviews Can Actually Be Helpful

It’s absolutely possible for negative reviews to be a tool for your business to move forward better. A company or organization can show that your business has empathy and it’s got a personality by demonstrating that they are willing to listen to their customers. Additionally, that they believe in taking problems seriously and solving them. This makes companies more personable, which increases the personal bond between consumers and the company.

Handling Negative Reviews

When a company responds to negative feedback, it must be done on the company’s website. Customers will notice how the company deals with negative reviews, and this could affect the company’s reputation. Needless to say, proper reputation management will go a long way.

It may seem tempting to just respond to positive comments only. However, replying to negative feedback is just as important. Practically all customers (around 96%) read the way businesses respond to reviews, according to the 2020 Bright Local Review Study.

Take Responsibility

People make mistakes. It’s just the way things go. The best thing you can do for yourself is to say “I’m sorry.” As it turns out, people appreciate when companies take responsibility for their mistakes. Don’t just say you’re sorry; add that same sincerity to your action to show you really mean it. Explain why you apologize andwhy you are making the offer, and why you feel it is the right thing to do.

Stay In Touch With Customers

After responding to a negative review and providing a solution, don’t forget to follow up with the customer! Several weeks after you resolve the issue, shoot them an email asking if you’re satisfied. It leaves them feeling satisfied; it can also lead to future positive reviews.


Negative reviews may seem all-bad for businesses overall, but there’s actually a silver lining to them. It could very well be a source of constructive criticism that can be used to better the business. Throughout the process, it’s important to stay in touch with customers and take responsibility.

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