The Simple Steps to Get Started with Email Marketing

There is no better time than now to start using email marketing. Email marketing outperforms other digital marketing channels such as social media and pay-per-click advertising. However, the main challenge is convincing and getting small businesses to start with email marketing. 

To  help you and your team, read on to discover some simple steps that could jumpstart your opportunity to succeed with email marketing.

Step 1: Select a provider of email marketing services. 

If you’re serious about email marketing, you should work with a service provider. For effective message delivery to large groups of contacts or subscribers, collaboration with a provider is required. 

You’ll also get professionally designed email templates, tools for growing and managing your email list, and tracking features that let you know who opens and engages with your campaigns. 

Step 2: Build an email marketing database. 

Most businesses already have enough contacts to start building an email list. Consider your current customers and contacts. Perhaps it is a small group of supportive friends and family members, or it could be your regular business contacts. Connecting with a smaller number of high-quality contacts has a greater impact than blasting messages to contacts unfamiliar with your company. 

If you’re starting from scratch, never give up. Place a sign-up sheet near the register and encourage social media followers to do the same to make it easier for customers to sign up. 

Step 3: Make a mailing list for email marketing purposes. 

Add your contacts to your email marketing account once you have one and a list to send to. Make lists of your contacts based on the information you have about them. Create separate email lists for people who have specific interests, such as swimming lessons, yoga classes, etc.

Step 4: Make a welcome email.

Welcome emails are important because they create a positive first impression and connect people with your company at an important time. Your welcome email will be opened at a higher rate than the average, so provide value right away. Begin with a friendly greeting, a brief overview of what they can expect from you in the future, and an immediate gift such as a discount code. 

Step 5: Get creative with your templates. 

You don’t have to be a designer to create visually appealing emails that look great on any device. You can choose a template with a straightforward, eye-catching design that effectively communicates your message. At the same time, make sure that your email template is mobile-responsive.

After that, personalize your template by including your company’s logo at the top and linking it to your website. Make a footer for your email that includes the name of your company, contact information, and social media links. 

After you’ve finished designing your email, save a copy as your master template. This reusable template can be used indefinitely. 

Step 6: Use persuasive messages to persuade others. 

This is a terrifying step for any business owner to take. Most of the time, though, pretending to be in a face-to-face conversation with someone and writing down exactly what you want to say works. It might also be a good idea to divide your message into sections: Headline, description, content or message, and a call to action.

Step 7: Pay attention to the subject lines. 

Your email subject line is an important part of your message. This is because prior to opening the message, the subject line is visible. Make a good first impression, and doors will open for you. If you write something boring, they will most likely ignore your message. 

Your subject line should be no more than 40 characters long. So, to get people’s attention, ask a compelling question, set a deadline, or simply tease your message.


In this fast-paced world we live in, we find one common denominator in every user: We all use our emails. So if you want to reach out to customers, the best way is to send them emails that are thoughtful, timely, and informative. This way, they’ll always think of you when it comes to their needs!

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