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From creating a beautiful storefront to creating a sales system that works, and going as far as increasing your social media presence! Varemar will handle the heavy workload for you. You may be missing out on potential revenue and opportunities to scale your business! With proper branding, advertising and targeting, you’ll be able to recover lost potential revenue, increase your recurring customer base, and reach untapped audiences. Increase your ROI now!

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Grow and Scale

As an ecommerce brand your online presence is everything. This can either make or break you - with the right guidance. Our ecommerce marketing captains will navigate you towards growth so you can blow your competition out of the water.

Increase Online Traffic

By setting up a proper sales funnel with good ad designs and great copywriting, we can instantly reach thousands and millions of interested buyers on Facebook or Google and generate traffic to your store.

Recover Lost Profits

It’s every business owner’s wish to know exactly how long it’s been since a customer last purchased from your store. Furthermore, what if we can talk to these people and systematize this process? With retargeting ads, we know exactly who visited your store and when they visited your store. That information with the ability to display ads to them means that we can quickly increase purchases which would otherwise be lost.


For an ecommerce store, branding is everything. But who has the time to schedule content across all social media - there’s just so many these days - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Our content creators are quick at what they do and great at it! They’ll take care of all your social media handles and post awesome content inline with your branding!

Client Testimonials

Clients success stories and milestones are what we strive for. Here at Varemar we pride ourselves in making clients comfortable and giving them more time to focus on other areas of their business, while we take care of their marketing efforts. Our clients love working with us! See what they’re saying today!

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