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Fitness Centers

Whether you own a personal training facility, a gym, CrossFit, or a yoga studio, we've got your back! With our proven system we'll automate your client acquisition so you can focus on bringing desired results to your students and on maintaining your facility. Furthermore, we'll bring you highly qualified leads so you never have to worry about one-month customers! Get high-lifetime value clients today!

Our Clients have seen:
$3.42 per lead $0.76 per click


From creating a beautiful storefront to creating a sales system that works, and going as far as increasing your social media presence! Varemar will handle the heavy workload for you. You may be missing out on potential revenue and opportunities to scale your business! With proper branding, advertising and targeting, you'll be able to recover lost potential revenue, increase your recurring customer base, and reach untapped audiences. Increase your ROI now!

Our Clients have seen:
$22.63 Return On Ad Spend 9.03% Click-Through- Rate $0.77 Cost Per Click


You have your frequent customers but want to attract new ones or maybe you have a polished, new website customers can order from but not enough traffic - whatever the case may be, Varemar can help you get your desired results. Re-engage with old or lost customers, increase cold traffic, and boost the number of online orders, our team can help you achieve these objectives.

Our Clients have seen:
$0.64 Cost Per New Traffic 7.45% Click-Through- Rate $0.10 Cost Per Click

Law Firms

You're managing your practice, meeting with clients, and taking cases. Simply put, you don't have time to prospect. Direct mail? Let's be honest, how many responses do you actually get? All things aside, digital is the way to go in this day and age. With our detailed targeting methods, your practice will be in front of relevant audiences who are actively seeking your services. We'll also capable of opening up a line of communication across all channels so your practice can be omnipresent (Google, Facebook, Email, Text, and more!) and your services will be top of mind when your audience thinks about the services you provide.

Our Clients have seen:
78% Cost Per Lead Reduction 37% Increase in Consultations 110% Increase in Client Engagement

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