Maximizing Your Online Advertising Output: What You Should Know

Online advertising has long surpassed the presence of physical and print advertising in most areas. With the physical world meshing with the online world at an exceedingly fast rate, businesses must start shifting and adjusting to being on the internet to survive. In a few years, it may even be possible that traditional forms of advertising may just be rendered obsolete and put into history books. 

This shift to purely online methods has caused increased competition. In fact, the competition can be extremely cutthroat and unforgiving to those who do not innovate properly! Online marketing companies in New Jersey, like Varemar, are aware of this shifting trend—which is why a focus has been placed on getting the best online advertising strategies. 

This article contains tips to help you get more out of your business’ online ads, whether from Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, or other kinds of content marketing:

Define Negative Keywords

If your keywords are the things you want people to be searching to find you, negative keywords are the ones you want to be non-defining to your business. These can be words that are counter-productive to what your company offers or stands for. 

For example, if your digital marketing agency does not offer free trials, you won’t want people clicking your ad searching for something free. The keyphrase “free trial” should then be included in your list of negative keywords. 

Use Google AdWords Features

The best part about using a program like Google AdWords is that there are amazing features integrated into the system that you may not be aware of. Ad site links are one of these that we do not see used enough! 

This feature allows additional links to be placed at the bottom of your ad that redirects customers to your website’s pages. These can be words like “free trial,” “pricing,” or even specialized ones, like locations and other kinds of words that will draw people in. 

The amazing part about Google’s program is how they have tailored it for ease of use thanks to all the programs they have integrated—so be sure to utilize all of them for maximum effect. 

Make Sure Your Facebook Ads Are Clear And Concise

When you are targeting your Facebook Ads to reach a certain demographic or audience, be sure that they are as precise as possible! This particular platform is great because of its ability to target specific audiences. 

For example, if you are a sporting goods brand, it would be great to target men and women who are fans of specific sporting pages. This will then make sure that the chance for conversions is greater than if you market your brand to those uninterested in athletics or sports, to begin with. 

Images And Media Are Key In Calls To Action

You can’t have a pure block of text to serve as an ad in today’s world. Yellow pages and classifieds may have had plenty of ads without any form of images; however, social media platforms, like Facebook or Instagram, make use of images more than anything else—which is why having an ad without pictures or videos is weak and will look like a scam. 

Adding an image can greatly increase the impact of your online advertising campaign on people, so utilize this whenever possible!


It doesn’t matter what method of online advertising is being used as campaign material. What is important is maintaining a focus on quality. Content of ads, strategies used, and other methods of advertising must be done with excellence—as nobody clicks on a half-baked ad that looks sketchy. By utilizing the features of today’s online marketing tools to their fullest extent, you can do amazing things with your advertising campaign. 

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