Lead Generation: Utilizing Social Media Marketing Channels

Building an organic brand presence is relatively easier now due to social media platforms. Since social media is almost inseparable from people’s lives, it’s not difficult to gain online visibility by simply having a business profile. Posting content, engaging with customers through comments, and expanding your reach through shares and likes are all cost-free strategies to build rapport with your target demographic. However, it’s important to utilize your growing reach as a precursor to generating leads. Otherwise, your follower and subscriber counts are just static figures with no impact on your revenue streams.

Realizing the more followers don’t always translate to higher sales

The dangerous mindset that some people have with social media is that higher follower counts always translate to a successful business. It’s important to understand that your followers aren’t an accurate representation of your customer demographic.

Other non-business pages have hundreds of thousands of followers without earning a single cent. This is because most of the people following your account are interested in your content. Unless you’re actively leading your subscribers through a Call to Action (CTA) down your sales funnel, you’re not generating any leads with a non-participative demographic.

Understanding that your social media is the vehicle and not the destination

Social media is a potent marketing channel that makes the barrier for entry for entrepreneurs almost non-existent. Its accessibility and easy-to-use interface can make anyone pick up a product or service and offer it audience-specific marketplaces. For example, Facebook marketplaces and community groups are great places to build connections with buyers and sellers of different products and services. However, enterprises shouldn’t put their focus on these channels. Remember that your social media page’s true goal is to direct them to your website’s landing pages.

Although it’s vital to have an online presence through social media, it shouldn’t be your only means of engaging with your customers. If your goal is to sustain your business in the long-term, having a business website is necessary. Your social media account must primarily lead your followers through a CTA to visit your website. Doing so increases your site’s online visibility and allows you to measure reliable metrics for growth and customer conversion.

Leading followers from your social media page to your website

Asking your followers to check out your website can seem like a straightforward request. 

However, consumers will need more than a simple message to comply. This is why you must utilize different strategies to bring them from a social media platform to your landing page. Listed below are three ways to turn your social media engagements into lead generation funnels.

Optimize your posts with CTAs: Asking your flowers to follow through in visiting your website should always end with a hyperlink to the appropriate landing pages. Doing so increases your site’s visibility through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through backlinking.

Utilize lead magnets: Incentives like free discounts, sessions, or limited-time offers are great ways to entice your followers to click on your CTAs. Remember to only provide valuable lead incentives that are relevant to your market.

Direct messaging: Engaging with your customers one-on-one should only be after they’ve had a transaction with your business. It will allow you to message them privately through DMs and offer tailor-fit proposals that they would be interested in based on previous interactions.


Finding ways to foster a deeper connection with your target audience is an excellent way to build a positive image for your brand. Besides bringing in new customers to your service, it also maintains your demographic’s customer loyalty. This enables you to gradually increase sales figures that reflect your social media pages’ follower counts.

Committing to your social media engagement will require you to assess and analyze the best way to interact with an online audience. At Varemar, we help our clients expand their online presence by developing online marketing strategies. If you want to partner with an experienced online advertising agency in NJ, contact us today!