Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy With These Tips

Email may not be the flashy new thing in the field of marketing but that doesn’t erase the fact that it is still considered essential. To this day, there’s no better way to directly contact an existing or potential customer than to send a carefully written email straight to their inbox. As long as it’s done correctly, email marketing can deliver excellent results, including a boost in traffic in sales, not to mention a better connection with your clients.

If your current email marketing strategy is not delivering those results, Varemar, your top digital marketing company in NJ, suggests you work on improving your tactics by following these tips:

Nail the Frequency

How often do you send emails to your customers and prospects? They should be sent often enough for your business to stay in the consciousness of the recipients but not too often that they would come across as spammy.  While there is no one hard rule, it’s recommended that you send an email at least twice a month.

Work on Your Timing

It’s not just the frequency that you need to get right. Even the time and the day of the week when you send your emails have an impact on the results. This could be trial and error as you would have to try different times and days. Just make sure that you monitor your data so you can figure out the best time to send your emails.

Tweak Your Layout

Are you currently using an email marketing platform? If not, you may be sending messages that are not optimized for mobile. Your layout should be easy to read, and your calls-to-action and other important elements like links to your business should be strategically positioned in the email layout.

Reorganize Your Email List

How are you segmenting your contacts? You should divide your subscriber list into various groups. This way, you can customize your content, so they fit your audience better. For instance, you should have a separate list for existing customers and another for leads. You may also categorize your list according to the services that the recipients get from you.

Perfect the Subject

The subject line may be one of the most important parts of the email. If this is a fail, you can bet that your email will go straight to the trash unopened. The subject should be eye-catching but not misleading. It should give readers a clear idea of what the recipient will find in the body of the email. They should be just the right length as well.

Come Up with Great Content

Here’s the thing about email marketing – if it’s not something that will offer value to the recipient, you should not send it. Make sure that the content that you send is relevant, engaging, and valuable. It wouldn’t hurt to include some exclusive offers, discount codes, or other perks so that the customer will always look forward to receiving your emails.


It’s hard to imagine a world of digital marketing without emails. They play such a significant role that no other method can replace them. Even the more advanced chatbots cannot deliver what emails can offer. However, you should have the right strategy if you want to reap its benefits. It shouldn’t be done in haste, nor should it be just an afterthought. It should be done with the right intention and tactics. For that, you need a reliable digital marketing company in NJ with a proven track record.

Varemar can help you get your email marketing working for you and get you the results your business needs. We are a top-notch digital marketing company in New Jersey that can help your business find success through online marketing. Contact our team of experts today!