How to Use Online Reputation & Reviews for More Holiday Profit

Seen by most business owners and experts as the most active time of year in terms of cash flow, the holidays have evolved into an opportune time that rewards firms that prepared well. 

By now, you’ve probably grown accustomed to the fact that the holiday season doesn’t get any easier for your business as the years go by, but it gets more rewarding each time you come correct! Since the digital age has made it easier for customers to find and buy what their hearts desire conveniently, it’s no secret that opportunities for profit are ever-abundant. 

Regardless if you’re selling clothes, offering relaxation services, or cooking food to a plentiful crowd of hungry shoppers, the chance to sell even more online during the holidays is a universal one. Unfortunately, the influx of profit opportunities and potential sales also brings a set of unique challenges and hurdles that you must account for and overcome, such as the challenge and necessity of growing your online reputation for success.

The importance of a strong online reputation and reviews for holiday profit

Although there are many pieces of information to learn about and internalize as you grow more familiar with digital marketing, reputation-related matters are an especially important concept to brush up on. 

Today, it is relatively rare to see a digitally-driven consumer not take a look at online reviews before purchasing a specific item online from whatever store they choose to visit. Considering that online purchases are without the ability to feel and hold items or try them on before buying, it’s easy to see why reviews play such a crucial role in influencing purchase decisions. 

If you aren’t convinced as to why you should start using your reputation to your advantage for more profit, here are a few statistics from a report by ReviewPush that will bear a clearer picture: 

  • 84 percent of consumers read online reviews before making a purchasing decision
  • 68 percent of consumers say positive reviews make them more inclined to trust a business
  • 85 percent will hesitate to purchase from a company with negative reviews

Based on the data mentioned above, it would be a complete understatement to say that reviews and ratings are vital for your business’s success. In fact, refining or developing your online reputation regularly with constant monitoring and management will go a long way in terms of cultivating your sales rates and profits!

Boost your sales with these reputation-refining tips

Although it may seem unconventional at first, outfitting your modern marketing strategy with reputation-building measures will lead to an influx of improvements in your profits. In fact, refining your reputation management strategy for the holidays will pay off exponentially once you start taking these two tips into account.

1. Engage at all costs

If you want to ensure that you have enough traction and influence over the outcome of your online reputation and the quality of your reviews, then it’s time to start interacting with your customers more. Once you start bumping your engagement efforts up and spark discussions and interactions with customers online, you’ll increase your propensity to having a well-received reputation!

2. Publish great reviews

The only thing that’s genuinely better than receiving great reviews is publishing them to gain more traction from even larger crowds of potential patrons, especially in this era, where good news travels fast. By compiling all your good reviews and reposting them constantly, you’ll give page visitors and past customers more reasons to purchase from you while keeping your reputation spotless!


Compared to other times of the year, the holiday season serves as a critical and impactful period of opportunity for more sales and even more success. This is especially possible if you start cashing in on the power of good reviews and an even better reputation. Once you realize the value of a squeaky clean image and desirable publicity, you’ll see an uptick in good results all-holiday-round and beyond! 

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