How Negative Keywords in PPC Campaigns Can Help

Negative keywords are keywords that prevent your ad from being triggered by a specific word or phrase. In this case, your ads will not be shown to anyone who searches for that certain word or phrase, which is known as a negative match. If you’re not using negative keywords, then you’re probably wasting a lot of money on your PPC campaigns. 

Conversion Rates

One of the best things about PPC campaigns is you can take control over the type of traffic that goes to your website. However, that’s a bit challenging to do because you’ll be up against your competitors bidding on keywords; in that case, things can get really pricey. 

If you want to know if you’re bidding on the best terms, look into your conversion rate. Your campaign could be driving a lot of site traffic, but if your conversion rate is low, then there’s a problem. 

User Intent and Negative Keywords

If your conversion rates are suffering, then there’s a huge chance that a word is being used in the searches that alter the targeted user intent. One specific word can change the meaning. Therefore, it affects the user intent of that search. 

When this happens, you could end up bidding on clicks that don’t really do you good, which will have you waste a lot of money. That’s why you need to ask the right questions, such as are they using a negative keyword list? How did they come up with that list? 

Finding Negative Keywords

The best step to find negative keywords you can use for your PPC campaigns is your industry knowledge. That means, you need to brainstorm the types of products, businesses, or services that yours could be mistaken for and the search terms that would be used to describe them. 

By doing so, you will unravel negative keywords that haven’t been used by searchers yet. When you have these keywords ready, use the search terms tab to find further negative keywords. 

Whether you’re running both brand and non-brand campaigns, you want to have your branded terms as negatives in non-brand campaigns. This will ensure your campaigns aren’t competing against each other and will force your branded terms to go to your branded campaign. Therefore, it will be easier to identify performance for brand and non-brand. 

Another thing is, if you split the campaigns by match type, you want to have your exact terms to be negatives in your phrase or broad campaigns. By doing so, you will eliminate the chance of your terms competing with each other. 


Having negative keywords as part of your PPC campaigns can save you a lot of time and money. That’s why you need to ensure they’re implemented into your accounts. Finding negative keywords for your campaigns requires your industry knowledge and thorough research, as these are the best ways to find the best terms you can use for your campaigns. 

If you don’t have the time to build your negative keyword list, you can always hire professionals to do it for you. Negative keywords will bring positive results to your PPC campaigns. 

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