Email Marketing: 3 Strategies You Should Remember

Small businesses that are just about to open need to familiarize themselves with modern marketing channels to reach the widest audience possible. For today’s fast-paced consumer demographic, brands need to be in the know for the latest marketing channels to maintain a larger customer base.

Social media platforms are gaining much attention due to their reach and effects on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, these networks are still not the ideal environment for customer conversions. This is why email marketing is still one of the best ways to grow your brand and maintain a following.

Drafting a compelling email marketing campaign

People nowadays underestimate email marketing campaigns’ versatility, primarily since its effects are only visible to the brand and the subscribed customer. Unlike public channels like social media platforms, email marketing templates can offer a more tailored strategy to attract and retain customers.

Having people on your mailing list to follow up on is already an advantage on its own. However, you need to know how to properly interact with these people if your goal is to drive your sales figures. Drafting an email marketing campaign may appear simple at first glance. However, there are many ways to utilize the compact space of email correspondence to increase your customer conversion rate.

If you want to draft an email marketing strategy that has a high ROI, here are three tips you should follow:

1. Stay personal but compelling

It can be incredibly challenging to maintain consumer attention against websites and social media networks’ messy interfaces and feeds. Ad placements through these platforms are either unnoticeable or distractions that people tend to ignore. In contrast, email marketing campaigns can immediately grab your customer’s attention.¬†

A personalized email that matches the preferences of the specific receiver will lead to a higher ROI. Don’t forget to provide compelling offers based on their customer activity so that your emails will be relevant and engaging for them to open.

2. Use key visuals and strong backlinking

Emails are generally for formal communication; people don’t use visual elements except for headers or footers for company titles. However, just because people rarely use them doesn’t mean that it’s an ineffective feature. You can add key graphics and pictures to your email. Additionally, you can also embed videos that are necessary for your marketing campaign.

Ensure that all these elements work toward encouraging your potential lead to click a link to redirect back to one of your sites. Always be mindful of using too many or too little elements in your email marketing campaigns.

3. Limit your request to a single ask

Just because you’re engaging in personal correspondence doesn’t mean you should eat up all the space you can in presenting different visuals, promos, and CTAs. Treat an email as a regular ad in terms of what you want it to achieve. Stick to a single action, like scheduling a call through Google calendar or visiting your landing pages. Focusing on one follow-up action will make it easier to have higher conversion rates from your email marketing campaign.


Although email may be one of the oldest marketing channels, it still packs a punch as an effective way to increase customer conversions. This is why many businesses still prefer it as a formal channel of communicating with customers, instead of solely relying on alternatives like social media networks.

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