Design vs. Development: What Does Your Website Need

Google Analytics has shown that many businesses search for Web Design and Web Development companies. While some companies may interchange these terms, they are quite different. They both tackle different aspects of the entirety of the website building, but both play an equally important role.

It is important that you know their differences, especially if you plan on availing them. To understand this further, continue reading below.

Web Design vs. Web Development

Just as the name suggests, Web Design focuses on the design of the website. This does mean not only the aesthetic features of the website but also its usability. It focuses on the visuals of a website and how efficient it is for the users.

Meanwhile, Web Development works on the functionality of the website. It actually ensures that the website works and does what it needs to do. This is where programming languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript are used. They allow the designed website to actually work and do certain commands.

Hence, while some businesses may offer website design services, they may actually mean web development and vice versa. This is why it is important to always double-check their services and offerings. Once you understand the difference, you can discern the services for yourself.

How Web Design Works

Web Designers take their clients’ objectives into consideration. This gives them a guide for designing the website. Designers consider not only the visuals but also their efficiency and functionality. They use information architecture (IA) to determine the information hierarchy for the website.

Once this is all done, designers will then apply design principles and come up with the design. They must ensure the design is appropriate to their client’s requests and something that is pleasing to everyone. Designers may use design principles to approach this, such as color balancing, unity, and consistency. A bad website design could turn away potential customers.

How Web Development Works

Programmers are the main actors in web development. They build the website with programming and codes to achieve their objectives. They use the design as a guide to making it functional. They break this down into components and then create a code for each one to have a specific function.

To put it simply, the look of a button on a website is designed by a web designer. However, web developers make sure that the button actually works and is clickable. They incorporate various programming languages and platforms to code the website. They build the website based on the goal of each page, and its function is. If the functionality of a website fails, this could result in a bad experience for the users.

What Do I Need?

Well, most of the time, you would actually need both in creating your website. Unless you have your own staff to design or develop your website, it is ideal to avail both. As mentioned above, you cannot have a functioning website without a developer, and your string of code would not be effective unless there are visual elements attached.

Final Words

Knowing the difference between Web Design and Web Development will help you save a lot of time. It also allows you an insight into what you actually need for your business. Hence, you must always remember what the focus of one aspect is versus the other.

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