Busting the Most Common Myths About Social Media Marketing

The internet has made accessing news and information in general much easier for practically everyone. This has brought about a lot of advancements in several fields. Unfortunately, there’s also the other side of it: fake news and misinformation. Entrepreneurs, in particular, tend to get negatively affected when the wrong information spreads quickly, especially advice or tips when it comes to marketing through social media. A number of these erroneous claims are difficult to spot since, on paper, they seem to make some kind of sense.

You could end up doing more harm than good to your business with the wrong move on social media. Before you set about handling social media marketing, read on to see the most common myths on social media marketing, debunked:

Myth: “Content marketing is not the same as social media marketing.”

Social media marketing companies in New Jersey and elsewhere beg to disagree. Social media marketing is, after all, basically a platform wherein content can be distributed more conveniently. They are essentially co-dependent and need each other to flourish.

Myth: “Don’t put effort towards e-mail since, at this point, it’s outdated.”

E-mail is just as relevant today as it was when it first came out. Social media is a great leg up for many, but it’s definitely not something meant to replace other ways you can go about marketing. Don’t throw out your mailing list addresses yet, and continue to explore e-marketing. The effort and time you put into that will still bear fruit.

Myth: “The whole point of social media marketing is getting fresh customers in.”

Generating new leads and customers is definitely possible through social media. However, that’s not the point. Most people follow, subscribe, and like social media accounts of brands, companies, or organizations because they’re already fans in the first place.

Myth: “You can just ignore bad or negative feedback, and it won’t make a difference.”

Ask anyone that does professional social media services in NJ, and they’ll tell you this is a big, fat lie. While it’s obviously best to push what is good and positive about your brand, ignoring bad or negative feedback will not make it go away. It’s best to be proactive about these things and actually manage them because even the most insignificant-sounding snipe can blow up out of nowhere. 

This can lead to both potential consumers and repeat customers choosing another brand instead of yours. Respond strategically to negative feedback and make sure to do so in a timely manner. Aside from nipping any possibility of it spreading in the bud, you’ll be able to show people that you’re open to listening and that you are responsive to all types of feedback, not just the good stuff.


With all the information available on the internet, misinformation is likely. This is particularly dangerous for entrepreneurs at any level. Amongst the many myths out there are e-mail being outdated when it’s actually still necessary, and social media marketing being separate from content marketing when one cannot function without the other. 

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