Amazing Traits Your Mobile App Development Team Must Have

With 97 percent of Americans owning a handheld device, apps and platforms must now function according to mobile standards. Websites must load quickly, rendering photos and videos in under three seconds lest they lose users’ attention spans and potential conversions. Thus, an online advertising agency must have a mobile-specific team ready to design seamless programs that facilitate a better UX. 

But what specific traits must these people have? We’ve listed them below for you:

Technically Proficient

To be great, you need to hire greatness. Avoid bringing fresh graduates into your online advertising agency unless they show remarkable technical skills in the following:

  • Java/Kotlin for Android
  • Objective-C/Swift for iOS
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript for PhoneGap and Cordova
  • C# for Xamarin
  • JavaScript for React Native


The phrase “mobile design” registers to the uninitiated as simply “aesthetics” when it means much more than that. In reality, it goes through multiple steps: working with documentation to create a navigation mechanic for the app, creating wireframes for the app’s look, and replicating similar user experiences for specific platforms. For hybrid apps, designers also create a stand-alone user experience.

These tasks necessitate the hiring of a design team, which must include:

  • A strategist
  • A navigation planner
  • A visual designer
  • A content planner

The design team is responsible for UI and UX development, testing, and improvement.


Any successful online advertising agency’s app team must be quality-focused in their efforts. They must be the first and most critical audience, with the right to decide whether the app is ready to be presented to customers or delivered to the market. Before making this decision, they should point out all the options for improvement and prove that these improvements are necessary.

Marketing and Sales-Driven

To avoid misunderstanding this with quantity versus quality, the trait for quality must resonate with an online advertising agency’s internal processes to ensure what they release is top-notch. The quantity aspect, which we’re tackling here, pertains to the outward methods of the platform itself, meaning the app’s high quality should result in (an increase of) leads, conversions, and ROI.

Prior efforts for development, design, and quality assurance are wasted if the final product does not achieve its primary purpose: income. Thus, your mobile app team also has to drive sales through the app through the following:

  • Creating a brand that resonates with people and using marketing materials to show them what they can achieve with the product,
  • Communicating with customers to learn their needs,
  • Consolidating success by making sales.
  • Evaluating previous and current efforts to improve promotion strategies and sales.


Lastly, your online advertising agency’s app team must be visionaries. Over a decade ago, industry experts would have scoffed at you for prioritizing a better mobile app UX since people were still on traditional electronic devices. However, see how the virtual tide has changed now; the opposite is already true.

Therefore, a mobile app development team must have a deep and diverse knowledge of the industry targeted by the app and a good understanding of how to manage, develop, and market it. They should also keep a consistent look and feel throughout the app and pay attention to how it fits the client’s requirements.

While this trait primarily resonates with the team lead, everyone on board must also possess a futuristic mindset to anticipate clients’ pain points and deliver the best mobile app for their needs.

Before We Go, Remember This Most Important Trait

Even with these excellent characteristics present, all mobile app development team members must remember the most important of all: respect. Each one must understand the level of skill needed to get the job done without looking down on others’ tasks. As much as possible, all aspects must move forward equitably to create a mobile product more incredible than the sum of its parts.

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