6 Digital Marketing Funnel Stages to Remember This 2022

Wouldn’t it be nice if all you had to do to attract clients was to put up an “Open for Business” sign on your page and wait for the money to come in?

Unfortunately, while customers flock to the internet searching for information, commodities, and services, grabbing their attention and persuading them to buy usually takes more than a “publish and pray” strategy.

This is because it takes several touchpoints to 1) make customers aware of your brand, 2) position your brand against competitors, and 3) compel them to take action.

This is where a digital marketing funnel may assist.

In this post, go through how digital marketing funnels operate, what it takes to convert website visitors into satisfied customers, and where to find a digital marketing agency in NJ. 

How to Make a Digital Marketing Funnel

Here are the six stages to help you create your funnel marketing plan so you can start getting more visitors and leads online.


To begin drawing customers to your website, the first stage in developing an internet marketing funnel is to raise brand recognition.

Because it is the largest funnel area for generating the most visitors to your site, this stage is the “top of the funnel.” Brands often throw a wide net here to reach as many people as possible, then further qualify these individuals as they progress down the funnel.


Your internet marketing efforts will capture the attention of your target audience and increase interest in your organization if they are properly handled. Then it’s time to describe what your brand does and how it may help your audience achieve their objectives.

It would help if you could also get support from a professional Internet marketing company in NJ to help you set up your goals. 


When potential customers learn about your brand and understand the benefits of working with you/purchasing your product or service, they’ll most likely compare you to other options. They’re in the Consideration stage because they’re weighing the pros and cons of many brands before determining which is ideal for them

You may create content that pits your firm against its competitors. This means stating your unique selling proposition clearly, showcasing the results you’ve produced for past clients, providing positive comments, etc.


Another step is to create content that feeds your lead generation strategy. You may convert internet traffic into leads by posting landing sites, sales letters, and lead magnets (bottom of the funnel).

What inspires a user to act is decided, once again, by what they value. With this in mind, you should develop sales copy and send lead magnets that specifically target their pain points, wants, and goals.

Management of Customer Relationships

Not just to keep the consumer happy but also to generate new business, follow up after a transaction or sale has been completed is just as important as the conversion event itself. We’d want to improve our relationship.

You may build this link by asking them if they like your product or service, asking them to leave a review, and providing them with more information.


The old rule of thumb says that acquiring a new client might be five times more than the cost of maintaining an existing one.

Once a lead becomes a customer or client, you should have a marketing strategy to build brand loyalty and trust. Offering outstanding customer service, a good shopping experience, and treating your client base like royalty are all part of this stage.

Many businesses offer existing customers a special discount on new products or services. Others offer discounted subscription upgrades or lower prices for long-term customers. The goal is to get them to stick with you for a long period.


A digital marketing funnel is a graphic representation of the stages a prospect takes to become a customer. If you need help creating the best strategies, you can also seek a digital marketing company in NJ!

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