5 Signs That Your Site Has Poor User Experience Design

User experience (UX) is everything that impacts your customer when they encounter your brand. Therefore, user experience design includes brand identity design, web design, app design, and even packaging design. 

If you want to know what goes into creating a good user experience design, you have to know the signs of poor UX design, too. Here are some of them: 

1. Over-the-Top UX Design

The terms ‘user experience’ and ‘user experience design’ are used synonymously to mean the design process of a website which is done to provide the greatest possible benefits to users. Good user experience design essentially makes it as simple as possible for users to accomplish tasks on your site.

So, if your site has a poor user experience design, it means that it is more complicated for users to navigate. It gets worse if you have an over-the-top user experience design because it might be hard for users to adapt to it. 

2. Very Complex UX Design

You can actually tell if your site is poorly designed just by looking at it. When you look at a website, you should be able to determine what the primary function is and what the website is all about.

If you spend a few minutes looking at a website and you still don’t know what the website is about, then chances are it has a bad user experience design. A good UX design aims to make it as easy as possible for users to navigate through your site.

3. Largely Unused UX Features

When it comes to design, you should remember that more is not always better. A good web design is one that has numerous features, but only a handful of features are actually used in the design. The whole idea of a user experience design is to make it easier for users to do things on your site.

So, if you are planning to put more features in your design, make sure that the additional features add value to users and make your site more user-friendly.

4. Long Loading Times

A good user experience design is one that allows users to navigate through your site and access the information they came to your site for quickly. Loading times are an indicator of how quickly your site performs. If your site takes longer to load, it is likely that your site has a poor user experience design.

It is a good idea to optimize your site, so the load time is shorter. If possible, go for a barebones site design because a good UX design is one that has a reduced number of elements.

5. Poor Navigation

To be fair, navigation is only one aspect of user experience design. However, navigation design is one of its critical aspects.

If a website is hard to navigate, then it means that it is also likely to have poor UX design.

For example, if you have an eCommerce website and your site has poor navigation design, you might lose prospects because they cannot find the products they want to buy. And if they don’t find the products they want to buy, then your company will not make any sales.

Bonus: Constant Redirection

If your site is getting users to go through a series of redirections or if too many pages are being loaded before the information can be accessed, then your site probably has a poor user experience design.

The best way to fix this is to eliminate unnecessary features and streamline your site design. This way, users can navigate through your site faster and access the information they need with fewer clicks.


To sum it up, a good user experience design is one that makes it possible for users to easily find information on your site and do the action they want in a few taps or clicks. As a rule of thumb, if your site is difficult to navigate, takes a long time to load, if it is full of excessive features, if users have trouble understanding your site, or if users are constantly redirected from one page to another, then it is likely that your site has poor user experience design.

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