5 Advantages You Can Enjoy From Using A Web-based Application

Do you know what a web-based application is? If you guessed that it was an application that runs on the web, you’re not too far off. A web-based application is an app that has a website as its main interface. In other words, users that interact with the app are interacting with a website. Also, as you may have guessed, an internet connection is required to use such an app.

That being said, web-based apps have transformed dramatically throughout the years, and advances have made it so that they can even outrival software-based apps! So, if you’re on the fence about using web-based apps to replace your software-based apps and systems, here are the advantages it offers:

1. Improved Cross-Platform Compatibility

What good is an app or system if it can’t be used on multiple devices and multiple operating systems? In other words, an app should run on multiple devices, such as laptops, desktop computers, and smartphones, along with operating systems like Mac, Windows, Android, and more.

Luckily, web-based apps are cross-compatible with all of these platforms. This means that if you develop a web-based app that runs on a web server and uses a database, it can easily be used on any device, regardless of what operating system it uses.

2. Easy Accessibility

You’re probably aware that web-based apps are accessible from any operating system, but did you know that they can also be accessed from any area with an internet connection? That’s right! A web-based app does not require the user to be on-site in order to use it.

This accessibility is a huge plus. For example, if you’re an organization that provides certain services, your clients will be able to get what they need regardless of where they are. Gone are the days of traveling to a building to get assistance from the company!

3. Improved Reliability

As you may have noticed, web-based apps must be accessed with an internet connection. Without this internet connection, a web-based app would not be accessible. In other words, a web-based app can be considered more reliable than a software-based app, as the latter can be rendered useless if the hard drive is damaged or the device isn’t working.

However, this is not to say that web-based apps are completely reliable. For example, if the internet connection was to go out, the app would become inaccessible until the internet connection was restored.

4. Improved Ability to Upgrade and Update

Software-based apps are notorious for being difficult to upgrade and update. For example, if you’re using a specific app on your Mac and want to upgrade or update it, you would have to buy the upgrade or update separately. Worse, the update may or may not work!

Web-based apps are different. If you wanted to upgrade or update a web-based app, you could simply edit the initial code to make the changes you wanted. Then, after making the changes, the app would automatically be upgraded on the server.

5. Reduced Costs

Software-based apps can be incredibly costly to develop and maintain. For example, if you’re using a popular software-based app for your business, you may have to pay for it on a monthly basis, which can get rather expensive over time.

Web-based apps, on the other hand, might seem cheaper to develop. If you’re developing your own, you won’t have to pay a monthly fee, and you can use a free web host. However, if you’re outsourcing the development of the app, then you would need to pay for that.


Overall, developing a web-based app can prove to be a great way to save money on developing software. It can also be a great way to provide a unique, otherwise unattainable service to your clients. That said, with the ever-improving technologies that support web-based apps, using them to enhance your productivity and more is a great idea! Just be sure to understand exactly what you need to come up with an app that actually meets your needs.

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