4 Ways to Boost Your E-Commerce Site’s Conversion Rates

The growth of E-commerce worldwide resulted in tougher competition and higher customer demand than ever before. With the COVID-19 pandemic pushing more retailers and businesses to adopt an E-commerce strategy for their transactions, your business shouldn’t be left behind by all these changes. According to NJ-based web design and digital marketing company Varemar, now’s a great time to optimize your company website for increased conversion rates. To do that, here are some tips you should consider.

Use a Heatmap Tool

If you really want to know why your visitors and potential customers leave your website, it requires a better understanding of what they do on your E-commerce store and how they interact with its elements. The best way to do this is to use a heatmap tool to give you an idea of where the disconnect lies. Heatmaps are designed to assess your customers’ behavior by studying where or in which section of your website they spend most of their time.

With heatmap results, you can figure out which sections of your stores are often skipped or ignored by your customers. Any links and CTAs that work best will also be highlighted, as well as the ones that don’t get clicked at all. These types of data are crucial if you want to truly optimize your website for better conversions.

Optimize Your Paid Aids

Just because you receive a lot of traffic doesn’t mean you also get more conversions. Sometimes, it’s all because you have the wrong goals in the first place. The traffic you receive just means your advertisements and campaigns are effective, but you’re probably not attracting the right customers. When potential customers leave, you should also realize that you did not attract the right audience in the first place.

The second most crucial step to increase your conversion rates is to modify your target audience. You need to narrow it down to a niche segment and target people in it to see if your conversion rates improve over time. 

Strengthen your CTAs

Call to action (CTA) phrases may seem like nothing more than an afterthought to many. In reality, CTAs are direct reflections of your intentions with your target audience. If your CTAs happen to be too dull and unengaging, then you’ll receive just as much attention from your visitors.

You should focus more on strengthening your CTAs, so people actually get excited to take action immediately. CTAs that show urgency and are engaging will work wonders for your conversion rates.

Give People a Reason to Stay On Your Site

Any visitors you may have on your site will either leave or stay within the first ten seconds. If you want to boost your chances of conversion, you have to give your audience a reason to stay on your website. Make sure your content is engaging and clear enough to tell visitors where they are and what they’re in for. Your products need to be adequately organized and be detailed enough to include all the information a customer needs. Once a visitor immediately knows they are in the right place, that’s when the conversion happens.


Whether you’re driving people to your online store via content marketing, paid ads, etc., every visitor who leaves your website without buying anything is a missed opportunity. This guide should help you optimize your site better to prevent that from happening, resulting in better conversions.
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