4 Tasks to Do Immediately after Launching Your Business Website

Many business owners believe that completing and rolling out their business website is the end of their digital marketing activities, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that a business website is the heart of your online efforts, which means that it’s only the beginning of advertising yourself on the Internet. 

For starters, you’ll have to update your website continuously with new information to keep it active and to encourage more people to visit, such as uploading valuable and exciting content. You must also optimize your website to rank well in search engines, which is an ongoing effort that requires time and dedication. For best results, you can work with a digital marketing company in NJ to make sure you’re maximizing all possible tools to drive more organic traffic to your website and convert high-quality leads.

Here are four important tasks to do right after launching your business website:

Prepare Sitemap and Robots.txt Files

Search engines like Google pay special attention to the sitemap and robots.txt file when ranking websites. Sitemaps tell Google crawlers how the website looks, the top pages, the internal URLs’ hierarchy, and other similar information. Meanwhile, the robots.txt file gives Google bots instructions on how to navigate the website. By preparing these files, you can improve your website ranking, nudging you further up a search engine results page. That means you’ll enjoy more organic traffic, which can lead to more revenue.

Track Your Website’s Performance

To ensure your website is performing well, you’ll have to keep a close eye on your metrics, which is possible by putting a web analytics tracking code on your website. It offers you a more comprehensive picture of how your website performs, giving you insight into what you should improve and what to continue. It allows you to analyze traffic flow, enabling you to track their activity and figure out behavioral patterns that will call attention to your website’s strengths and weaknesses.

Additionally, you can also use Google’s search console, which helps you monitor your website’s indexing errors. It will also allow you to track inbound and outbound links, any possible security issues, and search terms that Google will use to rank you.

Optimize Loading Speed

Now that technology allows for instant gratification, the standards for acceptable loading times have increased exponentially. Your website must load in a few seconds to prevent your visitors from exiting and browsing another website; if it takes longer than three seconds, you may have potentially lost a customer. Be sure to test your website’s speed and ensure it loads as fast as possible, as slow loading times can affect your traffic and revenue. 

Develop a Marketing Strategy for Your Website

Now that you have established your online presence, it’s time to create a marketing strategy that will constantly direct traffic to your website. Your marketing strategy should include SEO, social media, and paid campaigns to ensure you reach your target audience and improve your brand visibility. With a smart marketing strategy, more people will browse your online profiles and eventually land on your website, making them prime to move down the funnel to convert.


Designing and launching your website is only the beginning of your digital marketing efforts. As most people refer to the Internet when looking for a product or service, putting up a website helps you get noticed by your target audience. However, it is imperative to continue implementing a marketing strategy to grow your online presence and enjoy an expanded customer base. By doing these four tasks after rolling out your business website, you’ll maintain a solid website, a steady following, and more revenue.

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