4 Email Marketing Misconceptions that People Still Believe

Email marketing is one of the least considered forms of running a campaign to boost business visibility because of all the myths and misconceptions that shroud it. However, the truth is far from it; millions of Americans check their emails every day and depend on them for various activities. An online marketing company in New Jersey can help boost your promotions to those signed up for your newsletter, which can be invaluable for conversions. 

With all the beliefs people have about emails, there is nothing more potent than the inbox of a person’s email address. People use their emails to sign up for all websites, which means that they undoubtedly do not want to miss a thing. Not many businesses are aware of the impact of an email marketing campaign, but any company can benefit from email outreach processes. Here are some myths about using this tool debunked by a digital marketing agency in New Jersey:

Customers Already Receive Too Many Emails Per Day

The avid user receives less than six emails per day from their favorite brands or websites. While other users might have more because of how their emails are linked to their banking accounts or business pages, most of them get filtered out quickly. Additionally, when customers receive emails from brands they love, they always take the time to open them instead of just leaving them unread. 

The chances are that customers are seeking new products from their favorite companies or even discount codes hidden in these quick-read newsletters. If a customer is really done with the brand in general, they usually unsubscribe from the mailing list, which is a fast fix using a link found in most newsletters. 

Inactive Users Should Be Removed from Mailing Lists

There is always a good chance that a person opens their emails and decides to read their newsletters and promotional offers tabs. When time is slow, many users take the time to do spring cleaning on their inboxes. During cleaning, people chance upon old emails, which often pique their interests, especially if your newsletters are well-made and exciting to read. 

If you find that users are inactive or haven’t been reading your emails, sending a personalized email to ask about their email preferences can help. This way, you don’t leave things to guesswork and reward them with a coupon or an entry to a giveaway. 

Being Flagged for Spam Happens Too Often

Overall, getting a flag for spam usually never happens, as consumers don’t take the time to do comprehensive reports for emails they don’t like. They’d instead just unsubscribe and leave it at that. If you find that you have continuously been reported for spam, it can be great to take a step back and look at your emails’ quality. 

If there are multiple grammatical errors, broken links, or other poorly made graphics, this can look like a scammer email and require immediate fixing. Think about how you’re approaching email marketing, and you’ll find that there can be plenty of improvements you can make. 

Emails Are Easily Ignored

While spamming people with multiple emails a week can be a bit bothersome, it has been found that four emails a month can significantly increase conversion rates. It goes without saying that making each email sound the same can make things monotonous and unexciting to click-through. However, if you work on your emails well and have a good posting plan that opens up new horizons to leads once a week, your chances of making a sale are greater. 

After all, these people signed up for a mailing list because they found something interesting, and therefore have it on their horizons for purchase. Give people some coupon codes or discount reminders, and you’ll be on your way to making a sale in no time. 


Emails still prove to be one of the most effective ways to market, provided that they are done right and with substance. Investing money in a digital marketing agency in New Jersey to conduct email marketing will be a great way to get started locally before moving to the international scene. Always remember that emails are still essential parts of how people log-in and sign-up for accounts, which means it’ll be here to stay for the coming years. 

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