4 Digital Marketing Tips to Stay Ahead through COVID-19 – What to Know

The novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19, has spread throughout the United States, disrupting the harmony of the daily lives of citizens. Despite the growing turmoil, business operations must go on, and for businesses in New Jersey, keeping up to date with your marketing campaign is what will help you survive. 

The threat of this virus affects much more than the immediate sale, it also affects branding. Shifting how your digital marketing strategies moves won’t only reflect well with your business, it can also be the frontline of information in such tumultuous times.

To help you adjust your marketing campaign, here are four digital marketing tips for responsible marketing throughout this COVID-19 pandemic:

1. Review your current marketing campaigns

Before continuing with the trajectory of your current marketing campaigns, it is a wise decision to re-evaluate each and every one of them. While your marketing data might have previously shown a particular campaign or platform to have been strong, the current situation of the world may have essentially changed that.

Pause what can be paused and set a priority list. Just because the pandemic occurred doesn’t mean your marketing efforts are ineffective — they can still come in handy when this is all over. Take note of the ones that may be inappropriate for the times and edit according to the political climate as necessary.

2. Take note of the images and language used

Although your current advertisements and slogans might have extreme aesthetics and ingenuity, the onset of COVID-19 has changed lots of acceptable terms and images. Social distancing measures and the implications that it brings forward have placed a strain on visuals that contain crowds, closeness, and in general, physical contact. 

The same goes for wordings used; messages that state getting “closer” or “sticking together” might have had positive connotations before, but it’s a hazard today. While such things may seem minor to the overall message you wish to put forth, keep in mind that the underlying feelings may reflect poorly on your brand and business.

3. Do well to inform, but take care to not cause panic

One of the most important tasks anyone can do during such dangerous times is to spread relevant information. As a brand with a significant amount of influence, using your marketing team to provide useful information is a public service that everyone will appreciate. 

There is a line, however, between providing information and spreading panic. While giving the necessary information is good, copious amounts of information can be intimidating and misleading. This is why you should only provide the necessary information and stay positive!

4. Capitalize on how you can help

Depending on the products and your influence, your business can be a front for much good. If your products, in particular, are something that can be highly beneficial in troublous times like these, then capitalize on that. A product that can enhance and uplift the lives of people during the quarantine should be shared and experienced by all.


Adjusting your marketing strategy during these troubling times isn’t only for your business’s survival, but it can also be value-adding for your customers. By using your communications channels to provide useful information, your brand will proliferate while also helping out the people around you.

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