3 Web Design Trends to Dominate in 2021

When people look back to how websites looked during their dial-up internet days, most users would see templates of low-resolution images, a structureless layout, kitsch GIFS, and blocks of text with little-to-no attention to the font’s readability. 

Fast-forward to 2021, and businesses in every niche will see that the world wide web is all about embracing the digital shift and taking the user experience to the next level. After all, 2020 was a challenging year for everyone, that’s why the new year welcomes positive changes to boost productivity. 

Seeing the role of web design in attracting customers and strengthening your competitive position online, consider the innovative design ideas below to catapult your business ahead of the game:

Trending #1: Eye-Catching Retro-Inspired Fonts 

Minimalism is a design trend that has been booming over recent years, and for good reason too! While there’s no doubt that the iconic negative space and clean design can still pack a powerful punch, the internet will likely start the new year with a bang by taking the highlights of old design trends to give it a fresh twist. 

In this case, it’s all about using vintage-futurism typography to give content a visually striking touch, all while maintaining a modern spin and readability. It’s a homage to the past that is a feast to look at, but it’s a purpose-driven change that ensures users feel present as they browse your website. 

Trending #2: Multimedia Web Browsing Experience

Back when Friendster and Myspace was all the rage, people could integrate flashy images and their top-charting playlist on their page to give it a personalized touch. However, businesses found these multimedia elements distracting from their core message, which can act as a roadblock in the buyer’s journey.

With the increasing demand for going online in light of all the social distancing in 2020, it makes sense for multimedia content such as visuals, text, video, and audio to make a comeback to create an enriching online experience. 

Of course, it comes with critical tweaks, such as prioritizing simplicity when melding motion and audio to your content. When it comes to adding music to websites, providing people the option to play or pause is a must for a more interactive feel. 

Trending #3: Dark Mode

From the rise of the internet to its ascent to its golden years, white space has always been a fundamental design choice for different websites. 2021 is going back to black as dark more dominate the screens, making the shadow-inspired aesthetic one of the best changes that come with energy-saving benefits for users.

The Bottom Line: Staying on Top of the Biggest Web Design Trends for a Strong Start in Your New Year

As the world becomes increasingly digitally-oriented, businesses of every size and industry strive to keep up with the times, that’s why websites become sophisticated every year as it considers several aspects that bolster your online identity: the visual appeal, branding, navigation, quality, and more. 

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