3 Things about Social Media Marketing That Marketers Won’t Tell You

Social media marketing is one of the most difficult fields of digital marketing. While it is considered an off-page SEO technique, managing social media accounts does deserve some standalone recognition because of the work that needs to be put into it. Every platform adheres to a different algorithm—there are things you can plan for and things that you need to come up with on the spot. On top of that, there are so many social media marketing tactics that you can use!

While agencies and companies can sell you on the idea of doing regular postings and paying for some ads, there are methods that they may not tell you about because of the difficulty or the lack of resources for them to pull off such tactics. These aren’t industry secrets, but they sure aren’t as highly advertised as ad campaigns are! 

Here are the top social media marketing tactics that some marketing companies might not be telling you.

1. Video Marketing Works—But It’s Tricky

Everyone has seen a video online. It isn’t actually a secret that it is an effective way to draw in an audience—it’s usually the type of posting that goes viral, after all! 

What you may not know as a business owner is that thirty seconds worth of video can cost you a lot of money. Just because it’s seconds long doesn’t mean that it takes seconds to make them. Live videos need an entire production team. Animation needs a graphics team.

Another thing to note is that you aren’t guaranteed views. Videos are one of the riskiest things to produce for social media because it takes time, a budget, and won’t have a guarantee to produce lightning-fast results. So if an agency has not recommended video marketing before, it may be because they’re aware of the cost and feel you can’t handle it! But if you’re willing to risk it, then go for it. 

2. Chatbots Are the Future of Customer Service

Having 24/7 customer service to support your business is expensive—but it’s downright worth the investment. It is important to be able to reply to customers in a timely fashion to make the sale. 

Chatbots are a cost-effective way for customers to receive a reply even late into the night. Most social media managers would recommend chatbots to be installed to ensure that your page is active at all times of the day! Those who leave it out of the conversation may not have the knowledge to set it up—which is why it’s time to find someone who can lead the way.

3. Influencer Marketing Is Tough but Worth It

Controversial, but true: not all influencers are pleasant to work with. These people are not always easy to manage, but working with them may promise sales higher than working with celebrities. 

Influencers have built a community who trust their every word like one would trust a friend. If you get an influencer to shout out your brand or post an ad on their account for you, there will be plenty of customers lined up for your service. 

So why isn’t it always offered upfront? Well, it’s more challenging than you think to find a suitable influencer with the demographic you want! What’s more, even if you did have someone in mind, not all influencers will be willing to accept the sponsorship deal.


Social media is a powerful tool that every business owner has to take advantage of, especially during these times. It is a numbers game that is constantly changing, so tactics like these are kept secret to avoid competition. But even knowing these now, it still takes proper strategic planning to implement them successfully and get the results you want. For that, you would still need a social media manager’s guidance. 

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