3 Major Steps in Building Your Local Business’s Online Presence

If there was ever a time for local businesses to strengthen their online presence, that would be now, when most consumers rely on search engines to show them which companies they can buy from. In fact, 76% of users who search on their phones for something nearby do visit a business the same day. You want to be the business that consumers visit and purchase from, don’t you?

Building a strong online presence is not that easy, but it is not rocket science either. To help you out, Varemar, your trusted internet marketing company, will be sharing with you the three steps you can take if you want your local company to have a solid online presence. But before that, you might want to know why you need to do so:

Benefits of a Healthy Online Presence

Working on your presence has advantages, including ensuring that potential customers will know where to find your business. It will also help establish your brand as a trusted authority in your field with the aid of relevant content on your website and social media pages.

3 Steps in Building Your Online Presence

Now, let’s move on to how you can build your brand’s online presence and capture interest better than ever before!

Step #1: Build and Design an Awesome Website

Today, most customers believe that for a business to be ‘legitimate,’ it has to have a website—and a well-designed one, at that. With your website, you can attract new customers who might not be aware of your business. Many consumers rely on search engines like Google to show them their options for local restaurants, boutiques, and more. Not having a business website means missing out on potential customers and, ultimately, missing out on possible sales.

Step #2: Observe the Best Local SEO Practices

SEO or search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing your website so that Google and other search engines will find your website and rank you high in their results pages. Some of the things you can do would be to make sure your URLs and title tags are optimized. You should also ensure that you post fresh content with relevant keywords regularly and ensure that the website is mobile-friendly.

Step #3: Provide Your Web Visitors with Valuable Content

You do not have a website just to promote your products or services. If you want to rank high on SERPs, you also have to publish content like videos, images, and blog posts. But that’s not the only purpose of these types of content; They’re also on your site to provide helpful information and engage your potential and existing customers. They could also help establish you as the authority in your industry.

To make sure that you nail local SEO, you should make sure to include your business’ location as well as nearby areas that your business serves in your content. Most people include location when they do searches, and by indicating yours, you have a higher chance of landing that coveted spot on the first page of Google’s search results.


By having an optimized website, establishing a strong SEO strategy, and providing your audience with valuable content, you can have a stronger online presence that could make a massive difference in your business. These may all be overwhelming to you, especially if you are a business owner who already has a lot on your plate. Fortunately, you don’t have to handle things on your own. With Varemar, you not only get expert online advertising advice but also a reputable team capable of providing you with reliable online reputation management services.

Varemar is one of the most trusted digital marketing companies in New Jersey that can provide you with an array of services that can help boost your online presence. Contact us today and find out how our team can help your local business thrive!